I wish my wallet came with free refills

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Gym Instructor: So what’s your favourite machine to use here at the gym?

MeThe Vending Machine

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thug life more like ugh life

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Do you ever catch yourself thinking rude things about someone or judging them and you’re like “hey stop that, that’s not nice don’t u do that”

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"at this time last year
i was a mess and i feel
like a mess again"

- A messy haiku - jw (via bl-ossomed)

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"I hope you look for me in everyone else and panic when you realize that they’ll never be exactly the same."

- Ten words story: you lost me. (via maisjetaime)

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old ass ppl talk shit about my generation until they accidentally disable their wifi and cant figure out how to turn it back on

then im suddenly the mastermind of information & resources

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i hate it when hot people post those collages of their selfies like what the fuck i can’t even take one good one

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boys that scratch, pull hair, choke and spank during sex are neato

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The only dates i get are updates

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i love high contrast photos of fruit floating threateningly in the night

I don’t believe such a thing exists



I was mistaken

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we all have a favorite eyebrow

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